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What is BEXA?

The Bulgarian Export Association (BEXA) is a registered non-profit legal entity. It supports export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria that produce and export goods, services and know-how in their efforts to expand into new markets around the world. The association will work with companies from all sectors of the economy that produce in our country. Some of them are as follows: metallurgy and mechanical engineering, microelectronics, pharmacy, meat producing and processing, agriculture, textile and production of premium rugs, extraction of marble and other stones, production of oil, transport and logistics, wine production, IT products and services, construction and equipment of retail and banking etc.
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Bulgarian Export Association

Exporters Club

In 2013, the Exporters Club was established together with the exporter.bg website.
The companies at this club recognized the site as their media platform, owing to the reason that the idea behind its creation was the modern word at that time – Networking – the ability to communicate, to share values as a community, to try to solve important problems along the way of communication and to find common solutions.
In the digital environment we live in, information is the most valuable currency and we rely on it.
The Exporters Club and the website exporter.bg is now a core part of the Bulgarian EXport Association (BEXA).

What does the BEXA aim to achieve?

The Bulgarian motto: Unity makes strength!
Some of our objectives are:
– protecting the interests of small and medium-sized businesses against other manufacturers and traders;
– protecting the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in the public administration;
– providing information support and giving a tribune to the problems, goals and interests of SMEs;
– The companies supported by the Association will have a profile with products and services, which will be distributed to all foreign markets. They will also receive presentations on business opportunities in foreign markets;
– the companies supported by the Association will receive and use information from all public and private registers to build comprehensive marketing information for different markets and opportunities;
– The Association will organize events and gatherings to promote company exports, public awareness of successful examples and motivation of other companies, to follow good example and good practices;
– The Association will provide students in Bulgaria internships and experience the best trade practices related to sales of goods and services abroad;
– The Association will develop various systems and marketing materials for the promotion of the brand
– The Association will organize trips to various trade missions abroad in order to promote the products (goods and services) of its members.

How is BEXA going to achieve its goals?

Through Co-operation!
We will use the following means to achieve its goals:
– Co-operation with other associations at national and international level;
– Adopt internal rules of organization and administration of Association’s overall activity, which are binding on all members;
– Organizing and implementing various research projects, programs and initiatives;
– Organizing discussions, symposia, seminars, meetings, round tables etc.;
– Participation in projects and activities organized by other Bulgarian, foreign and international organizations in accordance with their goals;
– Attracting prominent experts and specialists from the country and abroad to support the activity of the association;
– Publishing and / or facilitating the publication of brochures, articles, books, manuals, videos and other materials, respectively for the purposes stated above;
– Organization, financing and implementation of other different activities related to the goals of the Association;
– Publications and broadcasting in various paid media;


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